Monday, February 8, 2010

Oh Canada,.....

This weekend was spent yet again up in the great north. Tom had to transport a server up to the Michigan office, so he invited Liam and I to tag along with him. We spent a lovely night at a very modern business hotel, and spent all of Friday at the local mall where we shopped and walked around for 8 hours. Shopping can be very therapeutic! I picked up a cute green button up shirt for Liam for Saint Patrick's day and a new pair of GAP jeans for myself. Liam was really well behaved and spent a lot of our shopping adventure flirting with the cashiers and taking cat naps while I went from store to store. We then picked up Tom from work and spent the rest of our weekend in Canada. It seems as if ever since Liam was born we try to go out to visit family more often so that they can see the baby as he grows and he can become familiar with his other set of grandparents. Thankfully he is adapting well to sitting in his car seat. The first few trips we took in the car were a bit difficult, but slowly he is getting used to the long car rides. Tom and I have been going back in forth visiting family for years now. This weekend we were talking about our 6th year wedding anniversary that is coming up next month. I feel so blessed having amazing family and friends that I have grown to love. I still remember the first time I ever visited Tom's family and friends in Canada. Looking back at it, we had only dated one week before he brought me out to meet everyone, and I was nervous.....hoping that they would like me. It didn't take long to feel right at home once I finally met everyone. He has had the same two best friends since grade school and any chance the guys can find to get together they will. Just watching them reminisce about growing up, sharing stories and jokes that only they can relate to and laugh at, shows me how much Tom enjoys our trips out to Canada, and how important it is to continue to do so. Canada has become dear to my heart. I have learned so much in these past years about the country and can even sing the national anthem if asked. :) I am proud to be from the U.S., but would like to extend my pride, by hopefully getting my Canadian citizenship one day so I can be duel. Canada has so much to offer, is a a list of things uniquely Canadian that I love:
* Anne of Green Gables
* Tim Horton's coffee
* Hockey games (even though I am still learning the rules to the game)
* Skating on the local pond
* Celebrating May 2/4 weekend
* All Dressed potato chips and Poutine
* Great Big Sea
* Much Music
* Hudson Bay blankets
* Algonquin Provincial Park
* Canadian Tire

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  1. aww that is so sweet to hear you love Canada. Thanks for the adventure and fun times during New Years. It was nice meeting you and Liam and sharing a mother and son momment with you as special as bringing in the New Year with both our sons.

    Take care hope to meet up again soon.

    Our stag and doe is April 24 in Woodslee and Matt is May 1 too. Russ is standing in Matt's wedding and Matt is standing in ours which will be May 8, 2010. Pass the info along to Tom and let us know if you can come or can buy tickets for them. Our tickets are $10/person Pig Roast and Door Prizes and Games. I dunno if Matt has tickets yet for their stag and doe yet but its in Belleriver at the arena I think.

    Got a lot of snow I hear in the states in NC and NYC. Hope you are digging out of the snow alright and surviving the winter snowfall. Soon it will be spring. Cant Wait! I got my dress and all is pretty much done just got to order flowers and bridesmaid dresses and Russ and guys to order suits and get money to pay for it all now. :) I hope to go back to work in April but we will see how it goes.