Friday, January 20, 2012


One of my 2012 goals is to "dress better!" So I am super excited to see that Jason Wu will be bringing out a collection for Target starting early February. (In store and online) What an amazing collection! I can actually see some of these dresses working well in my wardrobe. Plus they are affordable. Between 19.99 - 59.00. The big question will be,...which one to buy? Maybe one of each!? lol

There will also be handbags available (you can never have too many of these in your closet!)

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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Dreaming of,.....

It's been a very mild winter thus far (at least in my neck of the woods)...but with all the snow, and now the slush,..uggh! It makes me dream of warmer, sunny places. It's time for a vacation!
So today I was dreaming over on Pinterest (surprise, surprise) of all the many places I would love to go. Here is a little traveling inspiration,....


Friday, January 13, 2012

Music Speaks To Me

This is soooo my life! Looking toward the positive today! Happy Friday!

By: Francesca Battistelli

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Why Hello There 2012!

Hello! :) Yes I am still among the living! A bit worn out from the holidays, traveling, sickness, know the norm for this time of year. It's always such a let down after the holidays. The funny thing is, I have logged onto my blogger account a few times in the past few weeks intending to write something,..but just didn't have the motivation to do it! See,..the first post I usually post for the new year is my "goals" for the new year. It wasn't until today that I have actually written down those actual goals. (See if I write them down, then I have to be held accountable! Lord knows I have just been too tired!) So here they are........

My Goals of 2012!

Eat healthier - I know, I know,...everyone has this goal right? But seriously,..If you saw all the cookies, pies, and chocolates I have eaten over the holidays...yikes!! ha ha Less sugar, more water, more veggies and fruit.

Cook More - This sorta is a two-fold goal with my last goal. I have been working on some new recipes and such lately. My family is loving it! Started pinning some menu plans (on Pinterest). Hoping to get my act together and try some challenging dishes!

Exercise - Time has been my issue with this one. But with the weather being fairly warm for this time of year, it's been great to go outside and run around with the little guy. Fresh air does wonders!!

Blog More - I think I am getting over the writers slump. I have never seen blogging as a chore,...just need to get in a routine. Looking to do some blog hops! Anyone need a guest blogger to visit their site? I am still learning how to network. But I really just need to update more often. Mostly for myself,..even if I don't have anyone reading it! It's been fun looking back at all the things I have done,thought,dreamed the past few years. Sort of like a diary! Fun thing is,..I get to share things with all of my friends! It makes life more fun to have friends there beside me on my blogging journey. I cherish every comment! So continue to do so!

Take More Photos - YES!!!! I need to do this! My camera has been feeling neglected. Next step,..learn photoshop! ::Crossing Fingers::

Dress Better - Been looking through my closet needs a re-do! I still have clothes in my closet from Highschool!! It's time for some change in that department. Slowly I am planning on adding some classic pieces to my wardrobe. I may be asking for some help in this department. A Make Over is long over due! :)

Read More - Making time to read my Bible and have some quiet time with God has been a bit of a struggle lately. This is a BIG need in my life and again, I need to schedule this in my day. Prayer is something I am always doing,..but really need to focus my attention on scripture.

Work On The Shop - I have many ideas in my head at the moment of how I want my etsy shop to improve. I have big plans!!! Can't wait to share them. So thankful for all the fun I had this past year with it. Craft shows were a bit of a bust,..but Christmas season was good to me!

Love Others - I have been reminded many times this past year that life is precious. Making time to spend time with my son and enjoying every little milestone in his life, my husband! Yes,..Lord knows we need some time together. He has been running ragged lately with work and finding a new's been a bit of a struggle. I have been a single parent these past few months as he travels and such. But praising the Lord for the blessing that he is working and providing. I know that over time things will get better. I have been making it a point to visit and be around my friends whom I cherish so much. These friendships mean a lot to me I have been sooo blessed! Making it a point to "tell them" how much I appreciate them for being there for me. Makes me smile just thinking of the answered prayers for the needs I have had for close friendships.

I guess these goals aren't too difficult! :) Looking forward to an amazing new year! Out with the old, in with the new!!! What are some of your goals?