Tuesday, February 23, 2010

New Sewing Project

I have been messing around with a few ideas for scarfs and other accessories for my spring wardrobe. Things that I can easily make in a few hours that I can wear with many outfits. I ran across a blog that challenges you to make new clothes out of your old clothes. Recycling things to make them look fresh and new! It really inspired me! I took the challenge.(For 2 months) Basically you commit to 2 months,4 months, 6 months or life, that you will not buy any new clothes, but change the ones you have. I want to see what I can come up with!! LINK TO BLOG I dug out my sewing machine (that I won in an essay contest back when I was a 4-Her) and had some issues with it. It's an old machine and ever since I have had the darn thing, it has never done what I needed it to do. I called up my grandma to ask her what to do and she suggested I trade her for one at her house that actually works. My grandma was the one that taught me to sew in the first place, so I am sure she can fix it. My mom in the mean time let me borrow her portable machine to mess around with. Thanks mom! Yesterday after MOPS I stopped in at Old Navy and picked up some inexpensive large jersey knit tops that were .99 each. Took them home, cut some squares and zig zag stitched them together to make a cute scarf. It didn't turn out exactly how I pictured, but it is cute! I saw a pattern online for a different type of tee-shirt scarf that requires elastic, that I may try next. I am hoping that I have time this week to do a few projects. I have discovered that I am a bit rusty when working with a sewing machine, but hopefully soon I will get back into the groove. I took a few pictures of my project, sorry the picture quality isn't so good. I quickly snapped some pictures in my dim lit hallway quietly in between nap time and feeding time with the two babies (I watch a 4 1/2 moth old little girl 3 days a week). Hope you like it!

This is the shirt before.

Cut in squares and pinned together.

The end result!

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