Tuesday, February 9, 2010


So lately I have been itching to fix up our room. We just got an amazing new King sized matress that I love, but no actual "bed" to put it on, just the bed frame. The wallpaper in our room is a bit blaa. The couple that lived here at the house had some interesting taste in wallpaper. Our room needs a face lift badly,..but we have always said that it would be the last room we do anything to, because we are the only ones who see it. I was looking (day dreaming is more like it) at some beds online and came across what would be my "dream bed" from Anthropology. Of course it's out of my price range, but a girl can dream!

I like this bedding from Dwell Studio's

And there are a few wallpaper designs from Graham & Brown that I like. I am not big on wallpaper, but if you only use it for an accent wall, it looks really classy.

Or one of these two from Scandinavian Design Center:


  1. Great picks! The trees would definitely be a excellent choice of an accent piece.

  2. Love the bed and the wallpaper choices! Very cute!

  3. LOVE the bed, bedding, and the first wallpaper choice! I think the next two would get old really fast.
    I also love Sting, nice!