Thursday, February 25, 2010

From Old to New

So I was looking through my bag of give away clothes. Figured I would look through it one more time before I dropped the bag off to goodwill. I found this sweater that is sorta out of date.
I have had it for awhile, but I only wore it once or twice before I sorta umm shrunk it in the wash?! I figured I would try and refresh it a bit. Maybe layer it with something, that even though it's short, it wouldn't look silly. I found a few other shirts in the bag that I could use to fix it up! I thought I would share it with all of you. It only took me 20 mins to do, but I like the result! Check it out!

Here is the sweater:

You can see the shirts are a bit wrinkled from being in the bag! ha ha

I added this cute flower (that I cut out and layered from the two shirts) and some new red buttons!!

The end result!

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