Thursday, July 29, 2010

Moments like these...

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My dear husband and I just returned from our second tour to the plains of Texas. Between the doctors appointments and new helmet fittings for our little one, we were able to spend some quality time together as a family! It was fun to go out in the Texas sun (but not too much sun) and see some amazing new places. Thankfully we both like traveling around, seeing new things, eating new foods. But in reality, it was just nice to be "together"! I hope to post some amazing photo's that I was able to capture of some special places we visited. ((soon))

Until then, I thought I would share with you a special book. "All About Us" by Philipp Keel. I purchased it a few months ago and it's just been sitting in my bookshelf. I thought it would be fun to bring with us! It is a book you fill out as a couple. It gives you conversation topics and you write in your answers. I warn you though, as some questions are basic, others are personal, and some are VERY thought provoking. There is a disclosure in the front cover that says that the book sometimes brings on arguments, bad feelings of the past, but it's ultimate goal is to bring you closer as a couple and give you an opportunity to get to know each other on a deeper level. All in all, it was fun, and brought lots of laughter and "ah ha" moments. A few times we could actually answer FOR the other person. We have been married for six and a half years, and now with a baby at home. This year has been stressful, challenging, tough at times,...but it has also been full of hope, trust in our Heavenly Father, and has brought us even closer together. The book was a great idea! I felt like we came back from a mini marriage retreat. Can't wait until the next get away to fill out some more. I encourage you to get the book and go through it yourself. You will be surprised at what you find out about your husband/wife. It just made me realize how lucky I am to be Mrs. S! :)

Here are some sample questions from the book (How would you answer them?):

Describe an ideal day with your spouse?
What is your favorite facial expression of your spouse?
What was your favorite moment at your wedding?
Who is your hero?
What are three of your favorite traits you feel in love with in your spouse?
What would you change about your spouse right here and right now?
If you found your child's diary, would you read it?
Name one thing you dislike about you body?
What is your favorite nickname for yourself?
Would you say you are a horrible dancer?
Would you tell the truth even if it hurt the other person?
Where do you see your relationship in the next year?

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Tuesday's Tunes...

Amy Grant is my all time favorite female singer. She continues to bless the world with her beautful music. Even after all of the years in the business, she is still releasing inspirational music. This new album is no exception. Unfortunatly I wasn't able to post the video to my blog, because it is so new,...but if you click on the link, it will take you to her newest release. I warn you now, grab a tissue! This song had me in tears, and touched my heart. I hope it does the same for you this sunny Tuesday morning.
CLICK HERE: Better than a Hallelujah

Monday, July 26, 2010

Just Beautiful!

There is a giveaway going on over at {The Ardent Sparrow} and I wanted to pass it along to those of you who would like to enter! The shop is called Wanderlustings!

She has some beautiful things in her shop. You need to check it out!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Behind the Eyes

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I was looking over my posts these past few months. It has been such a fun journey having a blog. I feel a part of this small community of such wonderful people. If you look to your right, I have a list of the blogs that I read on a daily basis. Some of the bloggers I know personally, and some that I feel like I know, but have never officially met in person. I have gotten quite a few sewing ideas, fashion tips, recipes, and inspiration from many. It's been nice to feel apart of something,..ya know? Being a stay at home momma can get lonely at times. I am a talker, and it's hard to chat with a baby who just thinks what you say is just so darn funny. (I am loving the new babbling phase that Liam is in) Don't get me wrong, I love my momma status,..but it feels good to know that I can connect outside of my own little world with people from other places. Modern technology is amazing (at times)! Today I thought I would share a bit more about me and my thoughts. I would encourage you to fill it out and post this on your blog as well!

Making: A list of all the things I need from the grocery store. Fun fun!
Cooking: Not a whole lot at the moment. The summer is mostly a grilling time of year at our place.
Drinking: Green Tea (my new obsession)
Reading: "The Royals" by Kitty Kelley (Scandalous book btw) & Harvesting the Heart by Jodi Picoult
Wanting: a new (working) vehicle and a new cell phone that is on it's way out
Looking: at my little man rolling around (almost crawling) and thanking God for a healthy, happy child.
Playing: Peek a Boo (A new game Liam has discovered)
Listening: to my heart and my gut instincts as a mom. Also a little Coldplay goes a long way! ;)
Wasting: my time day dreaming.......
Sewing: a surprise project. ::shhhhhh::
Wishing: I could go back to Europe this summer. :(
Enjoying: the sunshine and beautiful weather!
Dreaming: of Anthroplogie (clothes)
Waiting: for this baby weight to come off. Sheesh!
Liking: my new Momma role.
Wondering: what the next step is for my life.
Loving: my husband for all he does for me. I am so blessed!
Hoping: that I can get to a few projects today (Nap time!?)
Marvelling: at how fast Liam has grown. Where has the time gone?
Needing: some clothes that actually fit me
Smelling: Liam after a bath. Amazing smell I never want to forget.
Wearing: whatever I could find that was clean + the new necklace Tom got me for my B'day!
Following: the Bachelorette...yes I admit, I am addicted.
Noticing: that this has been a tough year but it has made me stronger
Knowing: that no matter what, I have a heavenly Father who loves me just the way I am.
Thinking: too much! (Sometimes it's a weakness)
Bookmarking: a few new Etsy sites
Opening: my eyes to reality
Giggling: over Liam and his new obsession with making a mess of his food
Feeling: confident

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Tuesday's Tunes

So it is amazing how much fun it is to discover new music (or new to me). Music is a great way of expression, and a way to share your oppinion. I found this song online and have been singing it ever since. Hope you enjoy Sandi Thom! :)

sandi thom I wish I was a punk rocker
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Friday, July 9, 2010

Black Tie Affair

My bow tie project was a success! Liam looked stunning. The wedding was just beautiful, the weather was perfect and the couple could not have been happier. We had such an amazing time. May Matt & Natalie have many years of happiness together!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Cheers to another year!

Happy Birthday to me! As I get older, I try not to think about that word "old". I try and focus on being thankful for yet another year being alive! So to all of you that have July Birthdays....let's celebrate! Who is up for a party!?

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Tuesday's Tunes

The summer is officially here! Hot hot hot! Wishing I had a swimming pool about now. I could seriously spend the whole day relaxing on a raft in the water, drink in hand. sigggh Now to wake up from the day dream and turn on the A/C.  Oh July, how I love thee! This song has been a favorite of mine for a few years. It's by a group named Ocean Colour Scene. It's been stuck in my head all day and I thought I would share! ;) Hope everyone is staying cool.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Nap Time Projects

My husband's best friend is getting married this weekend. He will be standing in the wedding and we are both so excited. This will be the first time Tom he has ever worn a Tuxedo. (He wore a kilt in our wedding) The plan is to dress Liam in a formal suit/outfit  like his daddy,...but I never realized how hard it would be to find formal wear for a baby. In one of my parenting magazines I ran across this super cute outfit,..but seeing that it is not Christmas or Easter, I have had no luck finding it. I then thought if I could just find a small bow tie I would be set. ummmm yeah,..notta. So after many trips to multiple stores/malls I decided to make one myself. How hard could it be?! I stopped at JoAnn's and they had some discounted remnants of black flannel backed satin. (Amazing stuff!) I paid $2.00 for a half a yard! It took a bit of measuring just to get it to the right size, but I am so happy with the result.

Today I had a bit of quiet time and thought I would make another flower headband. I wanted to give it to the little girl I watch to wear for the 4th of July holiday! It looked so cute on her. Tom thinks I should open an Etsy shop of some of my creations. Not sure who would want to buy the things I make,...when there are already so many out there. ::shrug:: It would be a fun hobby. Maybe someday.