Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Gearing up for a wedding this weekend of two of our dearest friends. These images have inspired me today. Working on a project. Pictures of the final project to come,.......


Ralph Lauren


Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Tuesday's Tunes

So I feel like a bit of a blogging slacker lately. It seems like June has flown by without my knowing it. Don't you wish sometimes that you could jump off the marry go round and take a small break from all the madness? Yeah, here is my attempt at a short break to stop and listen to the music. This is an artist that I discovered just recently....her music is very unique, deep and sometimes dark. I was surprised to hear she is in her early 20's! Her music seems so mature and experienced. She headlined this year at the annual Glastonbury Festival this summer. Oh, how I wish I was in England right now. Glastonbury is one of those trips on my bucket list. Do you think if I put my name on the waiting list, by the time my name gets called I can afford to go? Hmmmm,......I wanted to post one of her older songs called, "New Romance" but I didn't want to offend anyone. (There is a swear word somewhere in the middle of the know in England, they don't count it as a bad word) Even though this song doesn't have a official music video, I really loved it and thought I would share. You will notice that a familiar man from "Mumford & Sons" is in the band a long with her! Great collaboration! Sit back and enjoy Laura Marling!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Tuesday's Tunes

Last night, Tom and I took our little stinker to his first big Freedom Fest Firework's show in Windsor. He loved it! It reminded me of when I was a kid in awe of watching firework shows with my family. Aww to be a kid again. So excited that as of today, summer has arrived. This video is so sweet, brings a happy feel to what summer is about. Kicking off our shoes and running through the grass, hanging out clothes on the line, eating a cool popsicle, swimming, vacations, summer camp, going to the county fair, the smell of BBQ and having late night bonfires with friends that make you laugh so hard your sides hurt. May all of us have the opportunity to act like kids again this summer!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Tuesday's Tunes

Keane is a British band (go figure) that has been around for a few years. They formed as a band back in 1995, but didn't debuted their first album until 2004. I got my hands on a copy and have loved them ever since. One of the band members (the pianist Tim) was approached by Chris Martin (of Coldplay) back in University and asked to join his band. He declined, but stuck with the guys in the band he already had been in for years. How funny that Coldplay could have merged with Keane! Both bands are very talented, but their sounds are different. Ironic how life works sometimes. It took Keane a little longer than Coldplay to get signed, but once their music became main stream, we the fans can't get enough. I have seen Keane two times in concert (once last summer) and I personally think that they are amazing! They are just as good, if not better live. If you are privileged to have the band travel to your area of the world. I recommend that you go! To my surprise, Keane came out with their new album this spring. "Night Train" I picked it up this week, and have to say, it's really good! If you get a chance, check it out!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Wedded Bliss

This weekend my dear friend Kelly married the love of her life Bryant and I was privileged to witness their vows to each other. Weddings are such an amazing time for two people, ready to start a new life together. I just love them! My husband tends to look at me during those blessed moments when they exchange rings to see if there are tears in my eyes. Of course, my eyes are more than likely overflowing. I don't know why I even bother to wear make up. Unfortunately I was too busy keeping my little guys hands from yanking out my earrings, pulling off his tie and trying to keep him entertained (and quiet) during the ceremony, that I didn't get a chance to snap any pictures during the actual wedding ceremony,..but was able to get a few at the reception. Which was so beautiful! I wish the newly married couple many years of happiness!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010


I was cleaning up some photo's on my lap top and came across these photos I took two summers ago in London. Siggghh.....So wish I could visit there soon. But until then, virtual London will have to do.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Tuesday's Tune

I discovered Duffy a few years back. So excited to see that she was opening for Coldplay when I went to see them in 2008! She has this dynamic voice that is unique, yet in a strange way, familiar. In another life, I could see us being close friends. The petite blonde from Wales, is one of my favorites, and just so darn cute! Can't wait until she comes out with another album.
Meet Duffy!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Craft Therapy

So two of my girlfriends had babies this past week! One was a boy, and the other was a girl. Such an exciting event in life!
I am hoping to get over to see these bundles of joy very soon,..but in the mean time I had some free time today to get out some of my crafting projects and work on some things for the babies. :) Liam took a nice nap this afternoon, and didn't even mind the sound of the sewing machine. Thank you Sir!!

I was inspired this month with some new sewing/crafting blogs that I started to read. I warn you, it gets addicting! Seeing that I have a boy, I was excited to have an excuse to make something girly. I made this super easy, cute cap for the little princess. Shhh don't tell the surprise!!

I got out some old shirts to create with! :)

I added some felt and hand sewed it on. And ta-da!! A sweet strawberry cap!

Of course I couldn't leave out making something for the big sister! ::wink:: Not sure if I am going to put these on hair clips or make one or both of them head bands.

Hope you are all enjoying the month of June! Is it me or did May just fly on by?

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Day Dreaming

So today I accomplished something that only happens once and awhile. I got both babies fed and asleep for their nap at the same time! Now that I have some extra time on my hands, I should be loading my dishwasher, or sorting through all the mail I received while in Texas. But no, I figured that I needed to reward myself for a job well done. A few pieces of dark chocolate, from my secret stash. (Shhhh don't tell the hubby) and some virtual dream shopping.

When in Scotland 2 summers ago...(wow, can't believe that it's been 2 years already) I fell in love with Ness. A store that only lives in Scotland and no where else. They have a very unique plaid that is very feminine and fresh. I love it! I literally drug Tom in this very cutesy store a few times just to look at their clothing and accessories. In Europe everything is much more expensive. But he encouraged me to look around and pick something out that I would like. (I think by our third trip in the store that week he just wanted me to choose something and call it a day!) Seeing that we were there during my Birthday, I used all my fun money on an amazing hand bag. (That I still use, but it's very worn) Since then I have always told myself that if I ever go back to Scotland, I will go in that store and yet again pick out something amazing.
To my surprise this year, Ness has their own online store that now ships to the US! Do you think I can convince my husband to buy me something for my Birthday from Ness THIS YEAR?! ::raised eye brow:: Hmmmmmmm.........

Here is a sneak peek.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Tuesday's Tunes

I don't know about you, but I love summer! Bring on the warm weather, picnics, swim time and longer days. Spent the weekend with family. Wishing that my parents still had their pool. Liam had a great time playing in the kiddie pool with his cousin Dakota. Hope to post a few this week. Until then, hope all of you enjoy this,...a great band of brother and sisters out of Ireland. The Corrs! Amazing.