Thursday, February 25, 2010


So there is another snow storm coming this afternoon. When will the snow end?! I am ready to pull out my warm weather clothes and pack up the fuzzy sweaters. Even though winter gives us a chance to get things done inside because we are forced to stay indoors,...I would love to have one sunny warm day to just take a walk with Liam in his stroller (pram), to just breath in some fresh air. So I have been doing some virtual dreaming. Burberry has a new line out for spring/summer and once again I am wishing I had the money to buy one of these famous trench coats. They are in their own right, walking pieces of art. I could just see myself strolling along in one of these coats, pushing my navy blue pram.

Can't help buy drool over these bags as well! My oh my, stylish!

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