Friday, January 28, 2011

Music makes me happy!

Spending this snow day sewing and listening to an amazing album. If you haven't heard of Sara Watkins, you are certainly missing out. Originally she was in the group Nickel Creek (remember them?) but her brother Sean Watkins (which went on to start a side project called: Family Reunion with the lead singer from Switch Foot, Jon Foreman) and Chris Thile (which now is the lead singer for the band Punch Brothers) decided to do projects individually. I still keep hope for the Nickelcreek reunion. ::crossing fingers::

Sara's debut album hit the scene in 2009. It does not disappoint! I am loving the tracks, "All This Time", "Long Hot Summer," and "Freiderick." She is one talented girl. She is touring this year with the Decemberist. Hoping they make a stop near me,...I would love to see them!

Here is the song that I have had on repeat all morning.......enjoy!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Domestic Diva!

Erin is a friend I met a few years ago while working as a Preschool teacher. There were three of us (I didn't forget you Kelly) who worked every day together. We became super close over that year and a half and I know I wouldn't have stayed as long as I did, if it wasn't for the two of them. Tom laughs at the conversations we have when we are together. We just laugh and say that they are all of our "war stories" and that he just doesn't understand what we went through. (We say that jokingly of course,...but it was a tough few years...long story.) Erin just has a way of making me laugh. Her love of life is contagious! I am privileged to be called her friend. Andrew you have yourself a one of a kind.

I was so excited to hear the news of Erin's engagement! She mentioned that they would be getting married in March! (Which just so happens to be the same weekend that Tom and I got married, 7 years ago!) I was privileged to be invited to her Bridal shower just recently.

I gave her gift a lot of thought. I am all about the home made personal gifts. After making a trip out to Target to look at her registry, I knew exactly what I needed to make! Every woman needs a pretty apron. I am convinced. I for one, never owned one until this Christmas. Gasp! I know, shocking! I didn't know what I was missing!!! Of course I wont be wearing it while I am making a sloppy dinner,'s too pretty to get super dirty. But I can wear it while serving guests at the house, or decorating cookies etc. I found out that her kitchen colors are yellow/gray so I headed to Joann's. (On a side note: If anyone in the area knows of any other fabric stores in the area that sell modern/fresh/sheek fabric, please feel free to share.)
To my surprise, they had the perfect fabric for Erin's apron! I created the pattern free hand and it was fairly easy to make. Here are a few pictures of the finished product!

I added a fabric flower (of course) that she can remove when she washes it. I think it added a little something to the over all look!

Don't you just love the buttons?!

Can she get any cuter? Erin, I hope this apron reminds you of how special you are to me and many others. May all that you bake/cook while wearing this turn out amazing. Many blessing to you as you embark on your new role as wife.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Tuesday's Tunes

So, I am back! Did you miss me?! After begging my dear husband to fix my lap top, (which some how decided to stop working) he finished it this weekend! :) I have to say, I had some blogging withdraws. I have found it to be a bit therapeutic and helpful to collect my thoughts. I forget sometimes that people actually read my blog. I was reminded of that when a friend's mother mentioned something I had took me back a bit to think that there are people who actually follow. I felt a bit embarrassed, and yet flattered all at the same time! So to those of you who read these blogging clips on my life,..thank you! It would be great to have some (comments) feedback once and awhile to know who all of you are! Or why not start your own blog?

Last weekend, I went with a friend to see "Country Strong". It has been quite awhile since I have set foot in a movie theater. It was great to have some girl time. I may have to make this a part of my winter schedule. So if you are reading this Julie F. let's pick another movie to go and see! Anyone else care to join us?

This is the music video to the movie. I don't want to give away any of the main details of the movie....but I encourage you to see it! Gwyneth Paltrow was brilliant! I for one would love to see her come out with an album someday! Although, the movie sound track (which I ran out and bought) has her lovely voice throughout it. Can't get enough of this!!!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Christmas After Thoughts & New "Goals" for 2011!

I am late (what else is new) to wish everyone a Merry Christmas! With all the commotion, and traveling,...I am finally back home and ready to begin a new year! After reflecting over 2010, I have come to realize that I am soooo ready to start 2011. Last year brought a lot of stress, and also a lot of trusting and praying. I am thankful for a year of challenge, that stretched me in many ways that I didn't realize I could be stretched. All in all the Lord brought us through and we continue to praise Him for it! This year we brought in the new year with the company of some of our dear friends. We all laughed at the fact that having children has made us a bit less ummm,..exciting? That when we get a free night to celebrate, we would rather stay home, put the baby to bed, enjoy a good conversation and a glass of wine and bring in the new year. There is still a part of me though that misses the chance to throw on a party dress and cute shoes and have a night out on the town. There is always next year!

I have decided that this year I will not be making resolutions, but instead "goals". I want it to be a list of a few things that I would like to accomplish, instead of force myself to do. That way I wont have to break a commitment I have made with myself. (Or beat myself up for not following through)
Here is my list:

1.) Eat healthier & drink more water - Lord knows I have tried, but with children (mine and the one I watch) I rarely have a second to myself, and it's much easier to make something instant. This will mean prep work. Oh joy! I am not much of a cook, this will be a big challenge. (I am sure my husband is happy to hear that)

2.) Read God's word more often- Even if it's just a passage from a devotional every day.

3.) Spend more time with my husband - This is something rare and cherished these days,..but I am now officially establishing date nights. Even if that means once a month.

4.) Add to my Etsy shop- This is something I have wanted to do for awhile. I have had some ideas in my head for awhile, I must get to work on it! My sewing/crafting therapy is something I enjoy and need to do for myself.

5.) Learn something new - I really want to learn how to work with photo shop. I love taking photos and have had the privilege to be hired to take photos for a few business/families. My husband has told me that I need to gain more confidence in my artistic photo taking. I guess I am always worried that my ideas aren't matched up with those I am photographing. (But then again, don't all artists have these insecurities?) I think this would help me accomplish this goal. 

6.) Spend more time with my friends - I am in dire need of social "adult" conversations some days. I am thankful for MOPS and FB!!

What are your "goals" for 2011?