Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Autumn I am so glad you have arrived!

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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Day Dreaming,....

So,... I am a BIG fan of Burberry! I mean "BIG". Yes, I was the one who drug my husband to the Burberry Outlet in London for a few hours of luxurious shopping. (It was a hard place to find, and with all the tube changes, it took us around 2 hours?)

We did get a tad lost.

Once we finally arrived, he made me buy something,...honest,...ask him! So I picked out a really cute camel colored, burberry tartan lined, fall corduroy jacket. I was so giddy buying it,...I can't even begin to tell you. Of course buyer remorse hit me a few minutes after stepping back onto the train, when I realized how much I had just spent. But it was on sale! It was something I will keep forever! Tom just shook his head and said that I shouldn't regret it, because I deserved it and that it was for my Birthday (which was a few days prior)and when would we be back on London again, anyways. I love him for that! To this day, it's my favorite jacket and I always feel so special wearing it!! It literally goes with anything!(Try not to wear it out too much though, so I can keep it forever!)

So I heard that Burberry was going to be holding an online live feed of their new Prorsum spring/summer 2011 line on Tuesday. I logged in and watched it during my lunch! (They are 5 hours ahead) It was a nice break on a very mundane Tuesday.It was sooo good! I am loving the new embellished jackets, and the large belts. I would totally wear the cute simple dresses and of course the hand bags were to die for. Here is the link from the show,'s a bit long, but fun watching! (I felt so bad for the girl in the end who fell. The floors were like ice!)

Someday when I become a millionaire (sounds like a song),...I'm dressing head to toe burberry! ;)

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

What a {cute tea}

This tea cup has become my every day, go to cup. I received it this year on my first Mother's Day. I just love it, it's so cute! (It has a secret crown on the inside of the cup) It has been a constant reminder to do just that "Keep Calm and Carry On." These past 10 months being a mom, I have learned so much. There have been some craziness and some stress. With Liam and his surgery and the follow up appointments in Texas every few months, Tom working till wee hours of the night, the loneliness that being a stay at home mom can bring and doing a lot of the parenting alone. I have tried to make it a point to take a moment for myself at least once during the day. If I time it just right, Liam will nap and I can sit, drink tea, work on a project for the shop and just sit calmly soaking in the silence for a moment. It helps me recharge and "carry on."

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

BIG Announcement!

I have officially opened my own Etsy Shop!!! I have been working on this project for over 4 months now. It all started when I started making home made gifts for my girlfriend's children (baby showers, birthdays etc). More than one person told me that I needed to sell the items I made. It planted the idea in my head and I thought I would give it a whirl. Who knows if I will even sell anything. But it's been really fun setting up shop! I have always said that sewing/craft/knitting has been my therapy. The one thing I get to do when I have a free hour or so during nap time. I gives me something to look forward to. I am so proud of it, and hope you will stop in and look around. {Click this link} So without further adieu,.....

Thursday, September 16, 2010

County Fair Fun

As a kid I knew that summer was officially over once our County Fair came to a close. A little bitter sweet.You work so hard all year long to bring all of your 4-H projects to display. Animals raised, sewing projects finished, posters made. Then it's time for a week of competition, animal shows, good food, good music, socializing, camping, bonefires, barn dancing and just like that,'s over. I have many wonderful memories of our county fair. It makes me feel like such a kid going back. This year I was excited to start new memories with my little one. He really enjoyed the animals, the smells and all of the people! He has turned into such a social child. Maybe someday he will be in 4-H! Maybe someday he will be the one looking forward to all the fun at the county fair! Time will tell,...

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Tea for Two!

My younger brother Caleb bought me these tea cups for Christmas one year. I love them! He moved out of state this year to go on a new adventure in his life, and family get togethers are not the same without him. These tea cups make me think and pray for him every time I use them.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Tea Time!

I here by declare it, "Tea Time"! I have been a fan of tea since my first trip to England back in 2000-2001. In most English households, tea is a way of life. They have at least two cups a day. I was then exposed to the many different kinds of tea. Breakfast, Earl Grey, Peko. I came home from England with an appreciation and addiction to the wonderful stuff. I grew up in a household where coffee was boss. I never discovered all that tea could be. The flavors, the smell, the way it makes you feel so warm and cozy on those brisk fall evenings, or comfort you when you feel a bit under the weather. Tea goes well with a few biscuits and a good book. Tea can help you wake up after a night of restless sleep, when all you can think about is when your little one will ever sleep through the night. Tea can be very social! A great way to slow the craziness of the day. To sit and talk about life.

For the month of September, I will be sharing some of my favorite tea cups/pots with you all.

This is a photo I took when Tom and I and our dear friends spent the afternoon at the Pump Room in Bath England. This was my second time visiting Bath. I remember my first trip out to the Baths. It was in the winter and was very chilly. After seeing the beautiful town and visiting some of the shops, the family I was with took me to the pump room for some "proper tea and bath buns." It was very humbling to be in the same building that many of the Royals throughout time have had tea in. I felt as if I was under dressed for the occasion. The music, atmosphere and people were just beautiful. I didn't have my camera handy back then but the special memories of that day will forever be in my heart.(Of course when I visited the second time I snuck in a few photos.) I would love it if you too can share some photos of your favorite tea cup/pot.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Tuesday's Tunes

Just having "one of those days". You know the ones,....when you wake up with a head ache, the day after a long weekend, back to reality, husband's car doesn't start, baby teething, house a mess,loads to do but no motivation to do anything about it days........
Time for a pick up! Nickelcreek has always been a favorite! Hope it brings a smile to your face as well. Cheers to a better day.

Nickel Creek - Smoothie Song
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Friday, September 3, 2010


Lately it seems as if life has been a whirl wind. All summer we have gone from one thing to another. Traveling, visiting, working, going to weddings, BBQ's, etc. I am not complaining, I had a very fun summer! It just seems as if I blinked and summer is now over! Seriously, where does time go? I love summer, but I am ever so ready for Autumn. Can't wait to get out my jackets, and dress more stylish! Have cooler days to take Liam on strolls around the neighborhood. See the colors of changing leaves. Ready to have a schedule and relax a bit more this up coming Autumn. The verse that I have been meditating on is:

"Be still, and know that I am God;
I will be exalted among the nations,
I will be exalted in the earth."
Psalms 46:10

I will be reflecting and taking time to just "be still". The photo above is from a beautiful spot near Austin Texas, I was privileged to visit this summer. It was so serene and beautiful. Whenever my life gets stressful, I close my eyes and think of this place and remember the smells, sounds and the "stillness" in the moment.