Friday, September 10, 2010

Tea Time!

I here by declare it, "Tea Time"! I have been a fan of tea since my first trip to England back in 2000-2001. In most English households, tea is a way of life. They have at least two cups a day. I was then exposed to the many different kinds of tea. Breakfast, Earl Grey, Peko. I came home from England with an appreciation and addiction to the wonderful stuff. I grew up in a household where coffee was boss. I never discovered all that tea could be. The flavors, the smell, the way it makes you feel so warm and cozy on those brisk fall evenings, or comfort you when you feel a bit under the weather. Tea goes well with a few biscuits and a good book. Tea can help you wake up after a night of restless sleep, when all you can think about is when your little one will ever sleep through the night. Tea can be very social! A great way to slow the craziness of the day. To sit and talk about life.

For the month of September, I will be sharing some of my favorite tea cups/pots with you all.

This is a photo I took when Tom and I and our dear friends spent the afternoon at the Pump Room in Bath England. This was my second time visiting Bath. I remember my first trip out to the Baths. It was in the winter and was very chilly. After seeing the beautiful town and visiting some of the shops, the family I was with took me to the pump room for some "proper tea and bath buns." It was very humbling to be in the same building that many of the Royals throughout time have had tea in. I felt as if I was under dressed for the occasion. The music, atmosphere and people were just beautiful. I didn't have my camera handy back then but the special memories of that day will forever be in my heart.(Of course when I visited the second time I snuck in a few photos.) I would love it if you too can share some photos of your favorite tea cup/pot.


  1. I had a giant cup of green tea this morning. I cheated and got it at Starbucks on my way to work! So no fun picture, but it was delish with agave nectar to sweeten a bit!

  2. I made Iced Passion Green Tea! I agree with you on all points of tea, as well! I grew up with tea in the house, but only in the last few years did I discover the wonderfulness of loose tea!