Thursday, September 23, 2010

Day Dreaming,....

So,... I am a BIG fan of Burberry! I mean "BIG". Yes, I was the one who drug my husband to the Burberry Outlet in London for a few hours of luxurious shopping. (It was a hard place to find, and with all the tube changes, it took us around 2 hours?)

We did get a tad lost.

Once we finally arrived, he made me buy something,...honest,...ask him! So I picked out a really cute camel colored, burberry tartan lined, fall corduroy jacket. I was so giddy buying it,...I can't even begin to tell you. Of course buyer remorse hit me a few minutes after stepping back onto the train, when I realized how much I had just spent. But it was on sale! It was something I will keep forever! Tom just shook his head and said that I shouldn't regret it, because I deserved it and that it was for my Birthday (which was a few days prior)and when would we be back on London again, anyways. I love him for that! To this day, it's my favorite jacket and I always feel so special wearing it!! It literally goes with anything!(Try not to wear it out too much though, so I can keep it forever!)

So I heard that Burberry was going to be holding an online live feed of their new Prorsum spring/summer 2011 line on Tuesday. I logged in and watched it during my lunch! (They are 5 hours ahead) It was a nice break on a very mundane Tuesday.It was sooo good! I am loving the new embellished jackets, and the large belts. I would totally wear the cute simple dresses and of course the hand bags were to die for. Here is the link from the show,'s a bit long, but fun watching! (I felt so bad for the girl in the end who fell. The floors were like ice!)

Someday when I become a millionaire (sounds like a song),...I'm dressing head to toe burberry! ;)

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