Monday, July 25, 2011

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I usually don't blog about books, or write reviews for them. I really don't have the time these days to read much,...but a few weeks ago I watched an interview with Diane Sawyer on ABC of a young girl who was kidnapped at age 11 and found 18 years later as an adult in a tent in her kidnappers back yard. I went out to the store the day of the book release and bought it. Her name is Jaycee Dugard. Her story brings chills. With all that she has dealt with in her life, she has stayed positive and hasn't allowed her situation to make her bitter and filled with hate. She decided to write a book to share her story and to expose the man and woman who captured her and kept her locked up for 18 years, who also made her pregnant not once but twice and deliver her babies in their backyard. She says that it is her kidnappers "shame" and not hers. They stole her childhood, but they will not steal her joy for life. She wants her book to remind people to be aware of what is going on around them and to go to the authorities if you feel that something weird is going on with a neighbor, or whomever you come across. Even if you aren't 100% sure something is wrong. Go with your gut. If it wasn't for two woman who suspected something, she wouldn't have had a chance to live in freedom today. I have to warn you that her book is graphic. She does go into some detail about the treatment she has received,...but she also shares ways she learned to cope, her hopes that she has for both her daughters, and how to be thankful no matter what circumstance you are in. She has touched my heart and I am sure many others with her heroic story. It is amazing to read a book by a girl who wrote it independently and with only a 5th grade education. Amazing! It will bring tears to your eyes, your heart will break a little for her, and you will cheer in the end when you see how happy she is today to be reunited with her mother and sister and to be living a life of freedom with her daughters. Truly overall an unbelievable inspirational story!

Jaycee has set up her own foundation to help others who have love ones who have been kidnapped. It is called The JAYC Foundation. For more info here is the link: JAYC

If you would like to see a clip of the interview, click here: VIDEO

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