Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Count Down (1 Day)

So it's getting closer......less than 24 hours and Miss Catherine Middleton will be Mrs. Catherine "?" Still not sure what will be her official surname. (How mysterious) But we will soon find out! As I get giddy and decide which of the 4 networks I will watch (No worries, I am DVRing 3 of them) I have found myself laughing at all the fun memorabilia that keeps popping up on the Internet. Some of these I may be crazy enough to buy,..

From the QUIRKY,.....

Cute idea!

Tea anyone?

Love it!!

Such an interesting story behind these tea towels. Read it: here Originally the Royal Palace banned the making and selling of tea towels but reconsidered. Read about it: here.
So bummed that they are sold out.

To WEIRD,........

To down right WRONG,.......


Umm,... yeah, creepy!

Classy ::rolls eyes::

Ok, look closely at this tea cup....notice something? They made a mistake, has Prince Harry's picture not William. Ok, ok, I broke down a bought this one! It arrived in a package from the UK this past week. I just loved the idea of having something weird/quirky (that is somewhat rare) in my china cabinet to add to my Royal collection. Don't judge! ha ha

I am amazed at all the craziness!! Everyone is just soo excited about this wedding! Love it!!
As Frankie Heck says "This is the super bowl, times a million, plus crowns." (If you haven't seen last week's episode of The Middle, you need to look it up.)

One last thing,...I read THIS article this morning and it literally made me laugh out loud. I will be forwarding this to my husband. I am sure he is ready for Friday to be over and done with.

Until then,...make sure get to bed early, set your alarm,....3am is coming soon!

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  1. I love that you bought the mix up teacup! :) I saw it about a month ago and thought it was hilarious!! :)