Monday, April 11, 2011

Why I Buy Resale...

This weekend I had some dear friends come out to visit. My girlfriend wanted to make it out for a PTA Sale. Of course we not only made it to one, but to two!! If you're a mom and you haven't heard of PTA Sales,...oh my, are missing out! These sales are put on by the Parent Teacher Association. People set up tables of used baby/children items. From clothes, shoes, to toys and cribs. It saves a ton of money on the basics as well. I have bought about 80% of Liam's wardrobe at these sales. Clothes that still have tags on them, and other gently used items. I thought I would show you (some of) my treasures that I picked up this weekend.

I love thin form fitting PJ's. I love Baby Gap, Gymboree & Children's Place. They wash and wear well. Because Liam wears a (reshaping) helmet, it is nice for him not to be too hot at night. I was so excited to find a woman who loved these PJ's as much as I do. I bought out (most of) her table. ha ha She didn't mind. 18 months to 24 & 2t's for next year! Hooray!

1.00 x 12 = $12.00 (When normally they are around $12.00 each at the store!) SCORE!

This is one of my favorite outfits that I bought for Liam this fall. The lady who sold me this told me that her son actually only wore this outfit once for a photo. The shoes however were never worn and still had the tags attached. (Children's Place)

Shirt, Light Sweater & White Pants = $5.00 Shoes= $4.00 Outfit all together = $9.00

Here are some fun toys I picked up! Liam is REALLY into Yo Gabba Gabba. We watch it at least once a day. I scored with the Plex doll that talks ($1.00) and a mini YGG activity laptop ($6.00 with batteries included). He is now obsessed with that toy. I picked up the classic block square for $1.00 and toy tool box for $1.00. Liam loves puzzles and this is helping him learn his shapes. (I am all for the educational toys) One of our friends has this farm magnetic set on her fridge. Liam always plays with it when he is over for a playdate. ($3.00). Way in the back, you can see a little monkey back pack/leash. ($3.00) I actually broke down and bought this. I always said I would never get one,...but seeing that anytime we are out now, Liam has a need to run. So a little help keeping him close (he almost ran across the parking lot today at MOPS) and safe, I will try it out. Still can't believe my baby is growing up so fast yikes!

All together toy total = $15.00

So happy with my treasures!! Hope to hit a few more for some winter clothes! :) I would do anything for this little smile.

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