Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Count Down (3 days)

So we are back! We had an amazing time in Texas. We ventured from Dallas, to Austin to San Antonio. We stopped in some amazing little places and saw some amazing things. Of course I took loads of photos, and will eventually share some of them. (I have many exciting things to share!) But ever since we have arrived back home, I can't stay away from the Royal watching. My husband thought I was a bit nuts when I decided to make a video sharing why I loved the Royal family to enter into a "Fly to London for the Wedding" contest via the TODAY show. He rolls his eyes whenever I want to buy yet another newspaper or magazine article....he even laughed at me when I bought a tea cup (that was flawed and even more collectible than the normal tea cups) from London and how giddy I was to open it up and put it inside my china cabinet to admire. But at the end of the day,..he can appreciate my love for the Royals (I think). I found out last year that somewhere in his family line, he is related to the Spencer family,..which then makes him related to the late Princess Diana! I married him,...so that practically makes me related to the royals right? (In a round about way) So sad that the mailman lost my wedding invite. Tragic, just tragic. :(

I am getting excited about the BIG DAY! The day that Prince William will marry Catherine Middleton. The day when the whole world will be glued to their TV sets to see history in the making. Yes,...I will be up at 3am watching. Who knows, I may even wear a hat!

Cheers to the happy couple!

This photo was taken a few summers ago when Tom and I took a trip (along with some friends) to the UK. Tom and I went for a tour of the church next to Westminster Abbey and met a very lovely man who gave us a private tour of the church, and took us up to a secret "private" balcony to take photos of the Abbey. This is one of my favorite shots! What a beautiful place to get married.

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