Thursday, April 7, 2011

What I am listening to...

As I am joyfully sewing this week, I find that I am more productive if I listen/sing to music while I work. I find that this is also true when I cook. Anyone out there sing and dance in the kitchen while working? I love it! It makes things more fun. I thought I would share this hidden jewel I discovered a little while ago. They are a group of talented musicians who call themselves "The Lower Lights." Out of the great state of Utah. They have collaborated together to sing and play hymns that are not well known and have given their own spin on those that are. It shows that hymns are relevant and timeless. I have purchased a CD for myself and have given one to my mom as a Christmas gift this year. If you like, you can always buy the downloads on their site. Trust me, their music is amazing. Brings back many memories of my grandparents church as a little girl. Singing these songs along side them. Those were happy times. If you get a chance check out their blog/website: The Lower Lights

Here is a little taste of what they sound like:

Hope this brings many happy memories to you as well. Happy sewing my friends!

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