Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Tuesday's Tunes

This Thursday I will be one of millions of Americans (Lord willing) sitting around a table with family and friends, eating turkey and pumpkin pie this Thanksgiving. It will be a time of fellowship as we all catch up with each others lives. What a blessing to have some of my extended family visiting from out of town. It hasn't been since my grandpa's funeral that we have been together like this. What a blessing.

In one of our small local communities here in Ohio this month, a family will not be enjoying this blessing. During a rainy evening this past month a young family was driving home, went left of center and with a blink of an eye were taken to heaven. Mom, dad, two year old daughter and an unborn child that was due to be born not a week later. What a horrible tragidy that the family and community are dealing with. Losing all of them at once in such a horrible way. There will be seats empty at their table this holiday season. My heart hurts for them. It's just unimaginable. It's during these moments that I reflect on how fortunate I am to have most of my family together this year. (one of my brothers will be celebrating in Kansas this year) Thankful for all that the Lord has blessed me with this year. So many, that it would take me all day to list them. I know for me personally, I will be hugging my baby a little closer and cherishing my time with my grandma, parents, siblings.......you never know what tomorrow may bring.

During Thanksgiving I challenge you to think about the things which you are thankful for. Sometimes we get so busy with our lives and what needs to be done, that we forget to thank the Lord for his blessings. This song is so approapriate for this Thanksgiving season. I hope it blesses your heart as it does mine. Bing take it away!

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