Thursday, November 18, 2010

Newly Found Fave

Have you ever discovered something that you want to share the amazing secret with others, but selfishly want to keep the secret to yourself? ::evil grin:: Well I can't keep it to myself anymore. I have decided to go ahead and share my little secret with all of you. ::Shhhhh:: Just keep it to yourself. ;) I am wearing/LOVING Joe Fresh.  Joseph Mimran is a very successful Canadian designer who started Club Monaco & Caban (Which was bought out later by Ralph Lauren) and is a contributor to the Pink Tartan Clothing Collection. He decided to open a new type of shop that provides affordable fashion for everyone. You will never guess where his store is located, a grocery store! Seriously, I am not messing with you,'s located in Superstores all over Canada. There are sections for woman, men, children, babies and now even a cosmetic department! When taking trips out to visit Tom's parents in Canada, I am always happy to take a trip out to the store to check out what is new! I am impressed with everything I have purchased. The last time I was there, I picked up some eye shadow, concealer and nail polish. Couldn't believe how affordable they were. (Around $4.00 to $10.00) I am impressed on the quality as well. Affordable doesn't have to mean cheap. I picked up a yellow belt ($5.00 on sale), a cute light blue striped sweater ($24.00), some black socks (I was needing them) (3 pair/$8.00) a red plaid mushers cap and two plaid shirts for Liam ($10.00 each). You can only buy Joe Fresh clothes in the store right now, but someday in the future they will hopefully allow shopping via the internet. I took home a winter catalog and flip through it once and again to dream over my next purchase.

Here is a photo of Liam sporting his new red plaid shirt I bought him to wear at his Birthday party!

Here is the new 'Winter Line" commercial on Canadian TV!

I have been eyeing that cute Plaid Dress in the commercial....Who wants to go shopping!?

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