Friday, November 19, 2010

Inspirational Wall

When Tom and I were in search of a house to buy. He asked me to describe my idea of a "perfect house." Of course I gushed and said I wanted at least four bedrooms, a beautiful staircase, a comfortable family room, basement for laundry, a kitchen big enough to bake pies in, a dining room of course (so we can have family meals) and I would love the house to have a 'red' door." He just rolled his eyes and said "of course, a red door." Since I have met Tom I dreamed of living in our own house, raising kids, having family traditions for the holidays, for the house to just feel "like home"...and that is just the feeling I get when I walk into my house. The Lord blessed us so much with such an amazing home (to us). And YES I got my red door! (It was fate I tell you!)

Since our big move to the house, I have been able to decorate (make my own) 2 1/2 rooms. It still has a bit of a ways to go. Seeing that we lived in a small apartment when we first got married, we don't quite have enough furniture to fit within the house. a lot of hand me downs and a bright orange couch that once lived in my grandparents house. But we will slowly get there. Next room to make our own is the living room. Leather couch or fabric? Bright walls or neutral? Themed, or eclectic? It will take awhile for us both to agree.

I want to show you one area that I am proud of, and that is my dining room. Tom and I spent a weekend painting it cherry red. I made some modern curtains and changed out the light fixture to an amazing chandelier that has lights and candles. (What ever you fancy) When traveling to the UK a few summers ago I was able to get some amazing photos. Some of them now grace my walls. Every day I pass it and it makes me think of the wonderful places we have been. The family history and traditions that the places hold. It inspires me and makes me happy. Do you have a wall or area in your house that just makes you happy?

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