Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Tuesday's Tunes

So I feel like a bit of a blogging slacker lately. It seems like June has flown by without my knowing it. Don't you wish sometimes that you could jump off the marry go round and take a small break from all the madness? Yeah,...so here is my attempt at a short break to stop and listen to the music. This is an artist that I discovered just recently....her music is very unique, deep and sometimes dark. I was surprised to hear she is in her early 20's! Her music seems so mature and experienced. She headlined this year at the annual Glastonbury Festival this summer. Oh, how I wish I was in England right now. Glastonbury is one of those trips on my bucket list. Do you think if I put my name on the waiting list, by the time my name gets called I can afford to go? Hmmmm,......I wanted to post one of her older songs called, "New Romance" but I didn't want to offend anyone. (There is a swear word somewhere in the middle of the song...you know in England, they don't count it as a bad word) Even though this song doesn't have a official music video, I really loved it and thought I would share. You will notice that a familiar man from "Mumford & Sons" is in the band a long with her! Great collaboration! Sit back and enjoy Laura Marling!

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