Monday, June 7, 2010

Craft Therapy

So two of my girlfriends had babies this past week! One was a boy, and the other was a girl. Such an exciting event in life!
I am hoping to get over to see these bundles of joy very soon,..but in the mean time I had some free time today to get out some of my crafting projects and work on some things for the babies. :) Liam took a nice nap this afternoon, and didn't even mind the sound of the sewing machine. Thank you Sir!!

I was inspired this month with some new sewing/crafting blogs that I started to read. I warn you, it gets addicting! Seeing that I have a boy, I was excited to have an excuse to make something girly. I made this super easy, cute cap for the little princess. Shhh don't tell the surprise!!

I got out some old shirts to create with! :)

I added some felt and hand sewed it on. And ta-da!! A sweet strawberry cap!

Of course I couldn't leave out making something for the big sister! ::wink:: Not sure if I am going to put these on hair clips or make one or both of them head bands.

Hope you are all enjoying the month of June! Is it me or did May just fly on by?