Friday, April 2, 2010

Feels Like Summer!

I am wondering if it is still April 1st and nature is playing a trick on us here in Ohio. It is a beautiful sunny 78 degrees out!! Because of Liam being born in the fall, he hasn't spent much time in the outdoors. I was so excited to take him out side before his nap. He was thrilled to be out in the sunshine. (We didn't stay out long, because I was worried his little skin would get red) I put out a blanket and enjoyed watching him discover the feel of the grass or the first time. I wonder if someday he will like running barefoot in the grass like his momma did as a kid!?

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  1. Hey I became a follower.......I love this blog Meagan Leanne....I love you!! keep writing from your have so much to offer!!
    I am so proud of you ...happy to call you my friend...and my oldest daughter!! You are awesome!