Monday, March 29, 2010

Music Inspiration

Amy Grant has been one of my favorite artist since I was a young girl. Tom can attest to this. (I tend to listen to music I love, over and over, and it drives my loved ones a bit crazy!) I remember listening to her El Shaddai album and learning all of the words. Rocking out to "I Have Decided" and wishing I knew how to play guitar when listening to "Father's Eyes". Amy has always been a musical inspiration to me in my life. To ask me what my favorite song is, would be so difficult. I love it all! Her "Behind the Eyes" album has been special to me. It encouraged me to be the best woman I could be, when dealing with things during my high school years. I loved the album so much, that I burned through a CD and had to buy another! There is something about her voice that makes my heart smile. So you can see why I am so excited that Amy is coming out with a new album. "Somewhere Down the Road" releases tomorrow! I have had a chance to listen to it, and it's amazing. But coming from a die hard fan, that is no surprise. It has a few well known re released songs and a few new ones. Her 17 year old daughter Sarah sings a duet in the song "Overnight" which is personally my favorite new song on the record. So get ready for another amazing journey of Amy's music. I also encourage you to check out the book she wrote a few years ago called, "Mosaic, Pieces of My Life So Far." A wonderful in site to the stories behind the music and the amazing woman that Amy is.

This picture was one of the highlights of my life! In 2003 I had a chance to meet Amy. I was a bit star struck, but she was so sweet and let us have our picture taken with her.

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  1. I was thinking about you when I saw that she was coming out with a new album. I love Amy Grant for many of the same reasons...her "Collection" CD was my first CD ever. Enjoy the new album! I'm hoping to pick it up today.