Saturday, April 10, 2010

5 Things Blog Along,.....Cook

So this is the one post that I have been thinking about since the beginning of this blog along. Like I have said before, I am more of a baker than a cook. But Lord knows I would love to be! I always see these brilliant recipes online that I would like to try, but when I attempt them, they never look as appealing in my dish. ::shrug:: But like I have always been told, practice makes (almost) perfect! I will just have to keep thriving for that "good cook" status. So bear with me,...

My 5 things:

1.) Cookie Sheets - I use them to put under any of my lasagna or casserole dishes to catch any dripping before they land on the bottom of the stove. It saves on a lot of cleaning, and also from making my house smell like I had a campfire in the kitchen.

2.) Betty Crocker Cookbook - I know that I listed this in my baking post, but, just don't know how many times I use this cook book!!! It's a staple in my kitchen.

3.) Cast Iron Skillet - Something that my great grandma, grandma and mom all use. It's awesome to make chili in or to fry up some chicken. If it is well seasoned, it adds such an amazing flavor to anything I make.

4.) Tools from Pampered Chef - There is something about Pampered Chef that makes life easier in general. I have been to a few parties and have always felt empowered to be a better cook afterwards. I have some handy tools from an apple slicers, small paring knifes, flippers to measuring cups! I love them all!

5.) My Dear Husband - He is such an encourager when it comes to my cooking. He is always willing to try anything I make and never complains when I fail at a recipe. (Well, I am my worst critic) Most days you'll find me with a baby on my hip. He has been super helpful with Liam, so I can cook.

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  1. Betty has been my favorite for years!! Try the cinnamon rolls!! I even get my 7th grade students to make them and they are beautiful!!