Thursday, March 18, 2010

Spring Finds

I was just swooning over the new Liberty of London collection at Target. You can see I even blogged about it. I have taken not one, but two trips to Target this week to get a good look. I've been searching for a store that has the cute teapot that they show in all of their adds. Either it's been sold out, or they haven't had the shipment come in yet. But I am hoping to get my hands on one. ::evil grin:: While I was there, I spotted this really nice bed set. I stood there in the store debating if I should get it or not. For one reason or another I have such a hard time buying something for myself. (It's something that drives Tom crazy. He is the first to say "If you like it that much, get it!") My father in law convinced me to get it, because it was the last King size they had and if I went home and thought about it and decided to get it, it may not be there Does he know me or what?! I could "always bring it back". I guess my concern was that it had a girly pink trim. But lucky for me, Tom liked it! So now I am loving my new room! (Still has a long way to go. Wall paper down, new curtains, a head board, etc.) I am thinking I may make some cute pink throw pillows this next weekend if I get a chance. This sunshine is really making me happy and in the spring cleaning state of mind!

I also picked up a new Liberty of London blouse that I just had to have! The colors are just beautiful.


  1. Love the bedding! And the blouse is beautiful! I may have to make a run to Target soon!

  2. Meg... Okay, I know it is very awful of me... But I am so jealous... I want to go there!

  3. Beck, you can order stuff of (everything from the store is on there) and ship it to my house! :)