Friday, March 12, 2010

5 Things Blog Along - Wife

My dear Friend Amanda started this blog along of 5 things that makes life easier. This week it's about being a wife! Why not join our blog along! Check it out!

What can make my life easier as a wife you ask? Well after thinking about this for a few days I tried to be conscious of what exactly works for us. Being a new momma has sorta distracted me lately of my relationship with my dear husband. He has the patience of a saint some days. It's funny that I am reflecting on this subject as tomorrow will be our 6 year wedding anniversary. Wow has time flown by!

But without further adieu, here is my list!

1.) Humor - We always try to find something funny in every situation. We have had many arguments over the years (we are both first born which I think makes us butt heads. We both want things our way) but at some point we stop and just start laughing. This helps us see that most of our arguments are just "silly". We also have these "inside jokes" that just make me smile when no one else knows why I am smiling except Tom!

2.) Traveling - We are big adventure seekers. We have been to many new and exciting places together. Our first big trip was when we were engaged! Our church sponsored us to go on a mission trip to Mexico, where we slept on church pews (basically park benches), and hiked up small mountains in the dessert,... the time he saved me from getting bitten by a scorpion! Or our adventure to England/Scotland to visit the castles of the Shuttleworth's ancestors. The picture above is us in from of one of his family's castles. Who would of thought I would have married a relative of Princess Diana? Seriously, the REAL royal family! No matter where we go we love to go together.

3.) Food- They say through a man's heart is through his stomach. So true!!! I wooed him with my pie baking skills ;) We love trying new restaurants and try to get out at least once a month just the two of us. Because I am a new stay at home momma I have been really working on my cooking skills, so that when he arrives home we can have a meal and just reflect on our day.

4.) Music - He has told me that the first moment he heard me sing, was when he fell in love with me. Singing a solo in church one Sunday is all it took! He even bought a copy of that service to bring home ::blush:: Our first date was spent talking about music! We sing along while we are driving up to Canada to visit family. Of course I know most of the words ;) He enjoys the instrumental part of the song and I am a lyric person! But over all, we have gone to many concerts together and just enjoy rocking it out whenever possible!

5.) Little Things - It might not be some grand affair, and we may not have all that much time alone anymore since our little guy was born, but we try and show each other love in the small moments of the day. I will slip a note in with his lunch before he goes off to work, and he will text me during his busy day just to tell me he loves me. Those are the special moments that remind me that he's my best friend, that over all woman I was the one he chose to be with. This feeling makes me want to continue to work on "showing" him how much I love him.

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