Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Tea for Three (or more)

The Royal Wedding has been something I personally have been looking forward to for,...umm a very long time. Although (for years) in my dreams, I was the one walking down the aisle. ::blush:: Surprised I admitted that. Although if you would have walked into my bedroom when I was a teenager, Prince William graced my walls. Forget the movie stars, Royalty is where it's at. Tom wouldn't go for a room filled with posters,..so they all had to stored in my memory box in the attic. But I do have a china cabinet filled with little trinkets and Royal antiques. If you come over to visit, just ask I am always willing to "show and tell." So when the date was set for April 29th, I started counting down the days. I have a couple girl friends who also enjoy Royal watching, so I decided to have a little watch party. What's a Royal party without a tea length dress, scones, tea and fun "fascinators/hats?" (If you are wondering, yes I dressed up!) I wanted to show you a few pictures of my house during the celebrations!

My husband Tom surprised us all when he came down stairs wearing his kilt (that he wore in our wedding). He actually sat and watched the full coverage along with us. (Hope he doesn't find out that I posted this picture) I had to giggle at the fact that he has caught on to my crazy ideas and has decided to "join on in." If you can't beat them, join them eh? Just makes me love him more. He is my Prince Charming.

I plan on posting a tutorial on my "facinators" that I hand made to wear during the party. The end result was so cute.

I found the template for the Royal Bunting here. Can you see the flag with "It should have been me?" ha ha My fav!

The chocolate looking cake is an authentic wedding cake replica. I added proper British ingredients (so glad places in Canada carry British imports) and it was glorious! Prince William chose to have this "no bake" Chocolate Crunch Cake added to the menu, along side the traditional 8 tier wedding cake. It's the British version of a rice crispy treat really. A lot of Royal followers were shocked by this,..but personally, I love it! It shows how modern, and fun that "some" of the Royals can be. He likes what he likes! The recipe: here.

What did you do during the wedding celebrations? I would love to hear about it!

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