Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Have you ever,...

Have you ever looked out your window to see this,....


Even though it looks beautiful, you so desperately wish your view looked like this,...


This is what I found today looking out my window: SNOW! It is Ohio, what else can we expect? Sunshine? HA! My week has been a bit crazy. Sometimes I feel like my "To Do List" is never ending. I finish one task, to then add two more. ::siggh::


Whomever says that stay at moms have it easy, has never been a stay at home mom. Our job is 24/7, 360 days a year. I was thinking today that if I was given $1.00 for every diaper I had changed in my lifetime, I could send my child to college tuition free! ha ha It's a thankless job somedays. I am not trying to complain,..I wouldn't change my role for anything in the world,.. just having "one of those days." If you are a SAHM like me, you KNOW what I am talking about. I joined MOPS last year, and have come to see that I am not alone in my journey. Many of you feel tired, lonely, stressed, unappreciated, tired, spent, overworked, at times,...did I mention tired? It helps to have those friends who are encouraging, and in the same boat. Someone you can share your thoughts with, have them patt you on the back and say "This too shall pass. We have all been there." To make you feel like part of the "mom club" per say. Thank you fellow mom friends! Come over for some coffee any time! Today on luvinthemommyhood Shannon shared a fun little "all about me" blog posts and encouraged others to do the same! I thought that I would take some "me time" (rare and precious these days) to fill it out for myself!

Making : clutch purses as gifts

Cooking : a crock pot of Corn Beef for dinner

Drinking : coffee (needed it today!)

Reading: Safe Haven by Nicholas Sparks

Wanting: a vacation to South France or Ireland

Looking: at my sweet little Liam's chubby feet (kissable)

Playing: hooky from doing the dishes(although I am sure it will get done before bed)

Wasting: nothing. I am trying to cherish the small things at the moment.

Sewing: aprons (of course)

Wishing: there was a real fairy godmother ;)

Enjoying: my new friends and our chats

Waiting: for my car to get fixed

Liking: that the last apron I made was done in one nap period!

Wondering: when I will be able to sew next

Loving: that Liam has become a bit more interested in cuddling these days when reading books and that he now comes over and gives me hugs and kisses willingly. Melts my heart and makes it all worth it.

Hoping: that i can finally nail down some plans for our next trip to Texas

Marvelling: at how quickly Liam is learning new words. He's becoming such a chatty child. I wonder where he learned that from? ::scratching head::

Needing: some more can never have enough fabric right?

Smelling: a chocolate chip candle

Wearing: jeans and a sweater. It's cold out again :(

Following: the royal wedding coverage. THE Wedding is less than a month away!

Noticing: that this time last year I was a new mother! Wow time flies.

Knowing: that no matter what, I have people who love me, for me! All those who don't care, don't matter anyways. Lesson I have had a hard time learning.

Thinking: of what needs to be done in the house before I can get my PJ's on and watch the shows I DVRed.

Bookmarking: a ton on ADDICTED!!!

Opening: my new designer apron line ((soon)) via Etsy

Giggling: Liam! The child is sooo entertaining! His new favorite word? Monkey!

Feeling: tired (Big surprise)

I would love if you would fill this out and post on your blog as well. If you do, send me the link so I can read it! Sending out a hug to all of you. :)


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  1. thanks for joining in! A new designer apron line on etsy..ohhhh - fabulous! I'm a pinterest addict too! It's evil isn't it? An awesomely addicting evil :P