Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Exciting Announcement

The time is finally here! The Launch of my new Apron line!!

It all started when I made one for a girlfriend's bridal shower gift. I have had so many requests to sell them, that I have been working hard to stock up a few via etsy. Each one is embellished with a home made removable flower. I will be adding more, as they are finished. Mother's Day is coming soon,...check them out!

Here is the link to my Etsy Site: Trendy Meg


  1. LOVE THEM !!! Ever think of making smaller ones for 10 year olds that match ??? Carley already has a collection of Aprons, not sure where she gets her Martha Sterwat-ness, not me..

  2. Any chance you can make me an apron like this one to give Krisy for her birthday in February? Her favortie color is yellow and she loves to cook!-Abigail Mohrbacher