Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Tuesday's Tunes (Count down to Christmas)

I don't know about you,..but I am NOT ready for Christmas. We only just put up our Christmas tree  and decorated it yesterday. It's just been a bit crazy this month...who am I kidding,..it's been a crazy year! My husband Tom and I were chatting last night while stringing the lights on the Christmas tree about all that this year brought to our doorstep, the stress, the blessings, the lesson to trust the Lord with everything. We are both looking forward to 2011. 

I really needed to hear this song today. Amy always know what to say and how to say it. I woke up with an overwhelming feeling that I wont be able to get all that I want accomplished done before Christmas. This song spoke to my heart,...we all need to just take some time for a bit of Silence. Jesus is the reason for the Christmas season. I pray that today and the rest of the week that I will not loose focus of that. If I get my list done before Saturday,...wahooo! If I miss the mark, oh well. This year, I am taking time to enjoy the Christmas holiday without stressing myself out. (Let's just hope I can keep this promise). 

This isn't the official video for this song, (I couldn't find one) but you can at least listen to the lyrics.

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