Friday, January 29, 2010

Tiny shoes

So I have this new obsession with baby shoes. I am not sure why, but I am constantly going to the baby shoe rack at any store I visit. It isn't as if Liam needs shoes, heck he can't even walk,...but they are just so darn cute. I have already picked up a few sandals that were 75% off at Baby's R Us a few weeks ago for this summer, and the first thing I purchased when I found out I was pregnant was a mini pair of Fireman boots (my Father in law is a District Chief in Windsor) that I can't wait to see him wear someday. Well to add to my collection of shoes Liam will grow into, I came across these cute shoes from Livi & Luca via an online baby sale. They were a great deal and I just HAD to have them. Check them out! Woodland Brown and London Black Boots. Hope he likes them. :)


  1. Seriously, I have a problem too! When Maizie was born, I ran to Janie and Jack to buy her Red Mary Janes with sky blue edges and cutouts to look like lace! Now I'm going to check out this place and see if I can find something for Jackson!