Thursday, April 12, 2012

Fabric Store Love

This past month my dear husband took me out on a little adventure/get away out to Columbus. I admit, I haven't done a lot of exploring in the city actually I am embarrassed to say that I can count on one hand how many times I have been there. I have heard a few things about this little fabric shop downtown and have been dreaming about going to check it out ever since. The shop is called "Sew To Speak." What a surprise to find that my husband planned a trip out to the shop. Even helped me pick out some lovely fabric for some future aprons. I can't say many husbands are as cool as that! Even though it is small, the shop lived up to my expectations! Good things do come in small packages!! I will be going back!

I could have spent all day looking through sewing books, patterns and admiring all of the beautiful fabrics. The endless things I would make with all of the fabric goodness!! Here are a few samples of the fabrics I purchased:

If you are ever in the Columbus area, you should stop in! It will not disappoint! Here is a link: Sew to Speak
They also have some amazing fabric listed in their online shop!

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