Thursday, March 1, 2012

New Music Love

So excited to share this with you,...

Last year my younger brother Luke started his own band called "Summerays." The "daydream" ep is compiled of pop, surf with an asian twist. He not only wrote all of the songs on the recording, he also played all instruments, and sings! It gives a new meaning to a one man band. It is an amazing record! Since uploading his record to bandcamp, there has been quite a buzz! He has been doing radio interviews, Live shows around the city and his song "Toyohashi" has been featured on Nylon Magazine's new video montage (behind the scenes) for this month! I am so proud and excited for him! He has always been a very talented guy,.... Check it out! (his song is the second one on the video)

This summer a record label called "cool summer records" in CA,
is compressing a 7" vinyl. Super excited to own one of these! If you would like to download Summeray's ep "daydream" head over to Bandcamp. You wont be dissapointed!

You can also visit his FB Page: Summerays

(This is one of my favorite photos of my brother Luke and my soon to be sis in law Allyson. I took it last winter when they got engaged!) So excited to see what is next little brother!

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