Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Summer Reflections

This summer was filled with many fun activities! Liam is at the age now where he loves to go out and explore the world. We took a few trips to the zoo, the park, community pool, play dates with friends and walks around the neighborhood in his stroller. He loves being outdoors! Toddlers are busy,...but so much fun! The highlight of my summer every year is our county fair! Being a 4-H advocate (I was in the program 12 years) I have spent every summer at the fair since I was a baby. Of course, this means I purchase a week long pass! Liam loved every minute of it! It has become a family tradition to meet up there. My Uncle Ron and my Aunt Laurie were out from Georgia, my brother Caleb and his soon to be wife Amanda came out from Kansas. Of course my grandma, my two sisters and my other brother Luke were there as well. I thought I would share some of my favorite moments at the Fair this year! Tomorrow I hope to share some of my sewing/photo entries in the hobby barn.

Liam awoke every morning asking to go and see the "animals!"

Of course the "moo cows" were his absolute favorite!

The horses have always been mine!

My grandma loved taking him by the hand to show him all the fun!

He loved the carousel so much!

Of course spending time with family is always the highlight! My sister "Auntie Hannah" spent loads of time loving on each one of the kids.

My mom "Na Na"and sister Roslyn with her two little girlies.

Sitting with Pa Pa watching the country music band play.

Discovering new things together!

Dancing in the sunshine!

But most of all,...the best thing about this summer was all the memories we made!

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