Friday, February 11, 2011

Count Down to Valentine's Day....

I was told by my dear husband that he has a surprise up his sleeve. Of course he had to let me in on part of the secret (so that I could get a sitter for the occasion) but I only know that I need to dress nice. I love surprises! It got me thinking "what will I wear!?" A dress? Skirt? Cute sweater and black pants? It's been freezing lately (literally below zero). I am hoping it warms up by Monday. ::crossing fingers:: If it was warm out, I may be half tempted to run out and buy this dress from Anthro.I have been sooo into Yellow lately. It would be worth the hour drive (so excited that we will have one 15 mins away this summer!!!)

Wouldn't this look cute with a sweet pair of red heels and a white cardigan, red belt and flower patterned clutch? Seeing that a new outfit is out of my budget at the moment,..I may just buy a cute colorful scarf instead. While browsing through one of my favorite online store (Liberty of London) I came across these amazing videos! Thought I would share one with you. French woman have a knack for wearing scarfs. They can make any outfit look stylish! So excited to try this out this weekend. Enjoy!

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