Thursday, June 23, 2011

It's as Texas as Lone Star and Dr. Pepper!

So while we were on the road from Dallas to San Antonio, Tom gets a big grin on his face and states that we were going to take a pit stop. Waco Texas is very ummm,....quaint, to say the least. Not a whole lot going on. We pulled into a parking lot next to a very old building and Tom exclaims,..."Today we are going to visit the Dr. Pepper Museum." Didn't even know there was such a thing. Did you? I was pleasantly surprised, was actually kinda cool! Who knew? Here are a few pictures:

Dr. Pepper was invited in the 1880's by Charles Alderton.
Dr. Pepper is NOT a Cola! It's actually a soft drink with 23 flavors.

Dr. Pepper through the years! Super cute!

This horse was made with thousands of Dr. Pepper bottle caps!

At the end of our visit Liam and I shared a Dr. Pepper float at the old fashioned soda fountain!
If you ever make it out to Texas,..why not take a pit stop at the Dr. Pepper Museum!

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